Construction Law

Within the specialisations of K&L LEGAL Granat i Wspólnicy Sp.k. Law Firm the construction law holds one of the leading positions.

The scope of services provided by our lawyers includes:

- drawing up and negotiating the contracts of investment processes, including construction proceedings based on FIDIC standards, such as construction contracts, contracts with subcontractors, design work and project architect supervision contracts, investor supervision contracts, project management contracts as well as engineering contracts,

- advising on administrative issues of construction proceedings,

- drafting and negotiating the developer contracts,

- legal assistance concerning safe in legal context choice of investment realization place, administrative proceedings preceding the commencement of construction process, obtaing building permit and demolition permit as well as proper determination of types of construction works, that do not need the building permit,

- advising on spatial development, real estate management commune, district and voivodeship real estate management,

- advising on conducting the professional activity by persons connected with building industry (qualifications to perform independent functions in building industry, so called building qualifications) and their criminal and professional liability,

- legal assistance by determination of rights and duties of the construction proceedings participants, within the scope of as-built supervision and proceedings in case of construction disaster,

- advising on environmental protection issues connected with construction proceedings,

- realization of construction proceedings within public procurement.